Create Something Beautiful

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

The very first encounter man has with God in the word is to learn that God created the world, as such the first encounter man had with God in this world was learning that God created him. Within the Christian faith, I have yet to meet anyone that would deny that God is a Creator. One may argue about the manner in which God creates, that is not the point I am here to make, rather that they would still claim our God to be Creator God. One of our God’s definitive traits is that He is creative.

A few days ago I got done leading and speaking at the youth group I volunteer at, to be quite honest I wasn’t very pleased with how my talk had gone. I felt like I had made the points I needed to make and did a reasonable job with the lesson, but for some reason I still felt like it had not gone the way I wanted it to go. As I was driving home I was alone with my thoughts and very frustrated with feeling like I had failed to deliver a good message. I couldn’t pinpoint at the time what was making me feel this way, I hit all my points, made a few good jokes, kept the audience paying attention, and was even told by them that they liked it.

When I pulled in and put my car in park I sat there for a while just thinking about the week leading up to my speaking, it was a week filled to the brim with stress and by Thursday night it had left me pretty drained. I realized that over this week I had taken time to put together a checklist of points to make, scripture to reference, and jokes to make. But I had not taken the time to make it mine and create something I tangibly cared for and desired to see succeed. I had not put a part of my heart into this lesson as I should have.

As I sat in my car and realized the issue that had taken place it was if things started to click into place, I could feel the words straining to get out in my head and so I took up pen and paper while still sitting in my car and wrote. In about 30 minutes I had written what I guess you could consider lyrics to a song, that will never be sung because if you know me you know you don’t wanna hear me sing. Into these lyrics I wrote out, I poured all of the emotions and frustrations I had been feeling this last week, out of an earnest outpouring of my heart and openness to God’s prodding something, in my opinion, beautiful was created.

Sitting in a car writing lyrics to a song to never be sung was not the place I expected to learn a life lesson.  I was pleasantly surprised however to come to a realization and ability to understand some of who God is better. The first realization I came to is how alive and how good it feels to create something beautiful, and with it the amount of care you have for this creation. Sitting in the care I marveled at the level of care God must have for his creation, if I had this much care for some words on a piece of paper.

The second realization I was blessed with was to realize how much God means for his people to live a life of creation, as we are called to live a life like Christ and to strive to align ourselves more to God’s will we are called to create. We have the outstanding blessing of being connected to the source of all creation, and if we are willing and open to God’s urgings and guidance it is His desire that we create something beautiful. Take a chance today, slow down for a second, silence the distractions, grab your medium of choice, and take time to create something beautiful. And may you be blessed with the realization that went into God’s creation of you and the love he has for that creation.