The Blessing of Conviction

Guilt inspires great evil in us. Guilt carries with it self-depreciation, anger, helplessness, depression, and worst of all guilt condemns us. The basic lie of guilt is, you have done something wrong and because of this you are blemished and will never shine as bright as you could have.

Guilt is not a means through which the Spirit of God works. No, the Spirit works in direct opposition of that. As scripture tells us in Romans 8:1, there is no condemnation in the Lord. The Spirit tells us that though we may have made a mistake that indeed blemished us, the Love of our great Father has cleaned that blemish at the cross if we are just willing to accept it. However, his love for us is so great he does not allow it to stop there, indeed not only are we cleansed but we are given the great blessing of conviction through the Spirit.

I believe we hear the word conviction and fear it because it is a call to action to right a wrong. But how flawed a thinking this is, our loving Father does nothing that is not meant for our good. In conviction a great multitude of blessings reside. We are given the blessing of growth and change closer to the person God wants us to be through conviction pruning us of our dead and rotten branches. We are given the blessing of reconciliation of ourselves with those we have wronged, because true conviction of an open heart brings with it change.

That there is the kicker though, we must have an open heart to conviction. We must humble ourselves at the foot of the cross and push aside our pride and say honestly before The Lord, “I know my actions have caused blemishes on me and others, and though I may not know or see what these sins in my life are I’m opening my heart and asking you to sift through it and bring to light that which I try to hide. Not leaving me along to agonize or feel guilt in these sins but knowing that when they are brought to the light you are telling me that together you wish for us to destroy the hold these sins have in my life and remove the ability for them to cause future blemish in my life.”

This is an admittedly scary thought but I ask you to give it a chance, conviction brings healing and intimacy with God. Embrace it with open arms and an open heart, and enjoy the amazing trip towards healing God has planned for you.